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Hey there, fellow fans! I've been inviting lots of LJ-ers over to DW, time to show them how awesome a place this is for fanworks. I'd love to see cross-posting of your stories here, reposting of old favourites and other discussion/meta posts. Eight years on, what do you think about Apollo, Starbuck and BSG fandom?

To start things off, let's have a reccing festival. Start a new post or add to the comments here with recs of your favourite fanworks. Along with the link, let us know why you love it!

I'll start by recommending three stories that are old favourites of mine (all reposted at Archive of Our Own.

Twelve by faviconRheanna (85384 words)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: You are someone else/ I am still right here.
Why I'm reccing it: This is an early AU. I don't want to spoil the twist, but it's a great adventure with romance and an opportunity for all the cast to shine, while keeping the spotlight fully on Lee and Kara.

Divested by faviconWaldo (8279 words)
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Lee is determined to get his best friend out of his clothes.
Why I'm reccing it: A real sense of humour livens this work that's sexy but also has a lot of fun with the situations a CAG and his pilots would encounter.

fractures by faviconcupidsbow (1021 words)
Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: The best a pilot can hope for is to have good training, good instincts and the good luck to live long enough to avoid making the same mistake twice.
Why I'm reccing it: This impressionistic piece takes you insides Kara's head, to understand something of how the Adama boys have affected her. Angst and hope, combined.

What are your recs?
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